1. Apta
    Manchester, UK
  2. Benjamin Finger
    Oslo, Norway
  3. Busy Microbes
  4. Camp of Wolves
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  5. The Central Office of Information
    Sidcup, UK
  6. Dechmont Woods
    New York, New York
  7. dogs versus shadows
    Nottingham, UK
  8. Drew Mulholland
    Scotland, UK
  9. Field Lines Cartographer
    Lancaster, UK
  10. Firefay
    London, UK
  11. Giants of Discovery
    England, UK
  12. The Home Current
  13. Jonathan Deasy
    Cork, Ireland
  14. Onepointwo
    Thessaloniki, Greece
  15. Personal Bandana
    Charlottesville, Virginia
  16. Polypores
    Preston, UK
  17. Pulselovers
    Doncaster, UK
  18. Red Setter
    Liverpool, UK
  19. Requiem & Simon McCorry
    Bristol, UK
  20. Rupert Lally
  21. Ryan James Mawbey
    Burton On Trent, UK
  22. Salvatore Mercatante
    New York, New York
  23. Santa Sprees
  24. Simon Klee
    London, UK
  25. Simon Proffitt
    Wales, UK
  26. Thomas Ragsdale
    Honley, UK
  27. Town & County
    Tampere, Finland
  28. vert:x
    England, UK
  29. The Voice of Saturn
    Charlottesville, Virginia
  30. Xylitol
    Brighton, UK
  31. Bizarre Statue
    Spokane, Washington


Woodford Halse England, UK

A project which evolved from the now defunct radio show You, the Night and the Music on Sine FM in Doncaster, Woodford Halse is now a tape / CD label which brings you the best in electronic, psychedelic, experimental and folk sounds.

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